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1956 “ east mirror animation ” to establish beginning in Japan, grow Dachuanbo in the company guide below, entire commune member moves free career with respect to what be Japan open new one page.

White snake of “ of animation of film of the first full length color passed day 1958 ” is in Japan formal fair mirror, this is “ not only east mirror animation ” the first chromatic animation film, and also be right in the future Japan moves the animation film with free most far-reaching influence. Yi Zheng is this a year, repairing the Gong Qijun that reads high school to watch this film in Tokyo, this meets the teenager in the doodle in the home only at ordinary times also is in this moment conception enters the domain that moves free creation. After several years, if Gong Qijun wishs to enter “ east mirror animation ” to work, the first participates in made work is ” of Tibet of “ bark official loyal to his sovereign, it is ” of journey of universe of Buddha of “ division profit then, again the “ sun later is princely - big risk ” makes Lu Si of carry on one's shoulder more the appreciate that Gong Qijun gets a Gao Tianxun of supervise the manufacture of, from now on an excellent work is rolled out ceaselessly, for the “ Ji Bo that holds water in the future force ” hit solid base.

Mention “ east mirror animation ” to must mention Japanese “ moves the grave of divine ” hand that overflow to treat bug, as “ east mirror one of renown stars with animation the most brilliant ” , hand grave treats bug to be in early “ east wooden ” of Atong of jib of ” of island of “ new treasure, “ had been published to wait for work of win universal praise before mirrorring animation ” to hold water, in “ east after mirrorring animation ” to hold water before long, hand grave treated bug to join “ east mirror animation ” to hold a post one duty of ” of set of “ original painting, began to realize the dream since he is old: Adapt caricature become animation. Yi Zheng is this moment begin, japan moves the “ that overflow a bound to adapt popular caricature those who become animation “ not to appear formally into civil guild regulations, in the meantime, the new management pattern that uses free band makes Japan is moved free more powerful.

Japan is new after hand grave treats bug of generation move free Great Master, the Zhang Tailang of father ” Shisen with “ unconscious preterhuman face also joined “ east mirror animation ” , adapt 009” of person of man-made of its masterpiece “ before long for animation film, although have powerful force,measure with “ man-made person, but cannot reply the hot tear that the private school of individual life Quan of the sad ” that becomes ordinary mortal got countless audiences. Does “ cheat the conception of preterhuman ” to also get shaping thereby? After 0 years, japanese “ east mirror animation”The 009” of “ man-made person of the one collect that makes afresh is the taste that caters to more young audiences, more into new conception with the essence that make, it is the recall that overflows a Great Master to moving not only, more make common people cheats the father ” Shisen with preterhuman face to this “ Zhang Tailang has more thorough knowledge.
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