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Company of Korea JACA entertainment held water 2001, it is one devotes oneself to high level net to swim technology and the high-tech company that content develops. Through development of 5 years, JACA shows personal ascend body to get go ahead of the rest to list at the world. 2005, JACA brings into 2D and 3D animation limits of research and development, of business expand the company promotion arrived a new height.

The name of JACA is come from at “JASPER” (jasper) with “CARNELIAN” (agate) the synthesis of two words initial, meaning analogy is worn the lapidary ” with glaring, precious “ . Be in gradually in developing a process, JACA has extended cooperative relation Japan, Thailand, China, Philippine wait for a lot of country and area with Europe. Grand eagle company of China, tamapro company of Japan have be benefited from inside JACA company high quality and product and service.

JACA raises his product level ceaselessly according to the demand of the market. They hope to pass build a kind of degree of belief with the client tall, flexibility is strong, open the cooperation with good sex concerns, win the victory that takes a career jointly. Before the company the perspective of look up sex, demand of follow closely market, make sure with the creativity group of high quality the product is efficient the competitive effectiveness of low cost.

The interest that uses up to will decrease delivers a client, JACA developed advanced animation to operate a technology. But this does not mean us the time that stylist pays each professional animation to go up in each client bodies and effort will be great sell at a discount. We are pare only spare empty waste time.

The banner technology of JACA will by use up reduce the client of additional gain impute to that produces, if pass the time that reduces artificial transaction file, the operational cycle that reduces whole project substantially. Be in current in the world with this ongoing high speed, you need to act more quickly. JACA will help you have the edge tool that wins competition in the market.

Company product citing:

“Thang” is the 3D MMORPG game that the 2nd design program development that develops independently by JACA goes.

When “ leaves at the beginning of myth, on western earth Om Lit Praga, the those of Rvai mountain range is carried, aguda civilization multiplies haunt. Aguda cent is two phyletic: Light and darkness. These two phyletic between undertook the war 100000. Dark finally a group of things with common features be defeated. Its force begins to flinch of divine Rvai mountain range. Dark a group of things with common features the person can operate black blackart, they are used to dark, destruction and blind curse. They attempt to be in On - the ground of the peace of Du prays, want to recover with light a group of things with common features contending force. But in darkness always hopeful, even if the condition that is faced with despair, the blaze of the hope or meeting blossom a ray. Young, sturdy a brave and strong man gathers from each tribe rise. They use the day of determination and warm blood and destruction to be fought relatively. They by the soldier of pitch on, bear the weight of the spirit of Thang, the phoenix god of Rvai always is stationed in in their heart. Thang seal be about to open, young soldier, of Thang reincarnate will attack broken each challenge before them. Their myth began ……”
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