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Base of national animation property hangs out his shingle in peace

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Cartoon of free net dispatch produces per year ability many minutes 20 thousand in, drive relevant industry year achieve receive billions of yuan, through two years of much progress, nanjing moves free industry to promoting ceaselessly in countrywide position and consequence. A few days ago, nanjing software park is approved to be base of property of animation of the 3rd batch of countries to uncover card ceremony to go in Ning Ju by total bureau of national wide report, deputy director general of total bureau of national broadcasting television occupies every why, vice-governor Li Quanlin, mayor Jiang Hongkun, xie Hao of head of a department of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, propaganda is industrial base and relevant garden respectively the area uncovers a card to award a card, deputy mayor Xu Huiling chairs the ceremony that uncover a card.

In recent years, nanjing moves free industry dimensions to expand ceaselessly, up to now, be engaged in moving free production, made relevant enterprise to already amounted to 56, move overflow guild member to develop 53, classics city industry is in charge of what the branch maintains to move the area that overflow garden 3, move free from personnel of course of study 2800 much people, be engaged in 13 moving the school that overflows education, orgnaization. With Hong Ying, Hua Wei, royal, Afabei, net gigantic one batch when be a delegate moves free bibcock enterprise, the product involves animation to make, the many domains such as software of network test, game and develop produce development. Cartoon produces per year ability to amount to many minutes 20 thousand, year actual production is homebred achieve cartoon to amount to 8000 minutes formerly, make 4000 minutes to extra work, work of a batch of outstanding animation broadcasts in the media such as CCTV, social echo is good. Whole industry appears the favorable situation that develops flourishingly.

Hang out his shingle this in peace the base of national animation property that establish is core with Nanjing software park, include garden of Jiangsu culture industry and Nanjing number to move free garden two branch, base will enjoy the policy of the branch such as ministry of total bureau of national wide report, Department of Commerce, science and technology to give aid to, preferential the relevant and favourable policy that enjoys province city to come on stage, the upland that becomes enterprise, talent, capital to gather and religion, learn, grind the industry of mutual confluence grows carrier.

When Xu Huiling chairs the ceremony that uncover a card, say, base of national animation property uncovers a card in peace, be sure to move free estate development to remove important radiate and belt to use function to whole town, the branch is chance with this related hope garden area and each, accelerate infrastructure form a complete set ceaselessly, aggrandizement serves platform construction, raise level of management, introduce energetically domestic and international famous software and move free enterprise, create the top-ranking environment that moves free industry innovation to do poineering work, develop to accelerate industry of software of stimulative our city and construction of software famous city, adjust optimize industrial structure to make positive contribution.
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