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National level moves free industry Hefei of base general settle

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Hill of birthday of son's eldest son of countersign of total arrange of edition of national new scent (medium) watch Wang Kai of general manager of Chinese amusement network (right) the mobile phone game that demonstrates research and development of this company proper motion

Window of people net Anhui on November 13 dispatch yesterday afternoon, national news publishs hill of birthday of son's eldest son of total arrange countersign to make an on-the-spot investigation to Hefei, sun Jinlong of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of Anhui provincial Party committee, Hefei, guo Yongnian of director of province news publication bureau accompany. Sun Shoushan visited amusement of garden of industry of software of Anhui international exhibition center, new and high area, Anhui Chinese on the spot all right limited company and other places, listened to Hefei is encouraged and give aid to the report that moves free industry to develop a circumstance.

Overflow the development pace that the net swims to accelerate mainland to move, drive home actively to achieve the development that moves free net to swim formerly, element has China " scientific city " the Hefei that say was declared " national level moves free property base " project, this project not only can energetically arisen Hefei mainland moves free net to swim, return can farther conformity to move free talent and resource to drive the development of Hua Dong area, more can radiation whole nation, form favorable development environment and chance.

As we have learned, overflow industrial base to declare national level to move, hefei already made those who go out to give priority to location with new and high developing zone move free property base to develop a program at present. Inside 3 years of time, preliminary breed and perfect Hefei to move free industry catenary, the target is to want to build Hefei before 2010 country is the biggest move free property right to trade center, dimensions of digital publication job occupies the whole nation the first. Hefei will develop the talent, advantage such as information adequately, increase measure of devoted, aggrandizement further, advance move free industry to accelerate development, the Hefei state level that lets be about to hang out his shingle moves free property base to have position in ministry of Chinese and Western and even whole nation.

Company of a finite to Chinese amusement liability undertook Sun Shoushan make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, visit, develop current situation accord to its sufficient affirmation, also put forward higher demand at the same time. Move free property base to uncover card shortly in view of Hefei, sun Shoushan emphasizes Chinese amusement network regarding Hefei as this locality particularly the biggest move free software company, must dare to assume case lead whole the important task that moves free industry, be Hefei and even whole nation hard move free industry to make contribution. Wang Kai of general manager of company of Chinese amusement network says, regular meeting grows the requirement that put forward strictly according to Sun Shu, the game of high-quality goods mobile phone with be made more, better hard, move free product to wait, the advantage of overseas operation platform with play existing at the same time oneself, more thorough ground advances product of effort general company overseas market. The great mission that grows trade of bear start on a journey, write the new page of industry of nation of game of Chinese mobile phone together with the partner.
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