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Country of lake of overgrown with weeds moves free industry to develop base to a

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On December 1, country of lake of overgrown with weeds moves free industry to develop base to achieve a center to hang out one's shingle in this city family. Sunming of director of plan money department announced total arrange of edition of national new scent the give an official that total arrange overflows an industry to develop base about building country of lake of overgrown with weeds to move, publish leader of municipal government of lake of bureau, overgrown with weeds one case to overflow base to uncover a card to move with news of province government, province.

Lake of overgrown with weeds will move free originality industry to be bred meticulously as new economic point of growth, strive to form industrial dominant position. This city holds water technically by the mayor

As we have learned, lake of overgrown with weeds will be in " 915 " during, in order to move free property base, move center of free industry hatch, Hua Jiang square especially happy world is platform of core research and development, rely on the advantage of the respect such as talent, science and technology, culture, policy adequately, make collect move free originality, research and development to make, the talent grooms, develop produce pull current is connected wait for a function to touch center of free industry assemble all readily, to 2020, body year after year produces animation of 10 thousand minutes to make ability, the animation of movie and TV that produces per year high quality 60, form a batch to have larger force move free brand.

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