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Lake of Hefei, overgrown with weeds obtains batch of state level to move free in

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Net dispatch is overflowed in first China International moves Fair of free originality industry to came to was held in Hefei on December 2 on November 30, two states level moves lake of the Hefei that publishs total arrange approval by news, overgrown with weeds free industry grows base to will hang out his shingle formally during this.

Hefei moves free industry to develop new and high district of city of Hefei of base optional location, by start area, extend area and industrial base 3 parts composition. Among them, start the area has built 1 at present. 50 thousand square metre; Extend an area to be located in Hefei science and technology to achieve demonstrative district of new-style and pilot city head period inside start working area, already built the industrial building of 6 about 50 thousand much square metre now, besides moving qualified personnel of free enterprise, training to give priority to with hatch, still establish base of the bag outside having center of large-scale software project and service.

Lake of overgrown with weeds plans to move free industry mediumly to develop base gross area to amount to 1000 mus, in order to build enterprise hatch center, work originality center, move overflow the center that make, education to groom 8 service centers such as the center develop the system that prop up for the industry, to 2020, strive to form those who produce per year 10 thousand minutes of animation to make ability, the animation of movie and TV that produces per year high quality 60.

As we have learned, hefei city already established special guiding capital, did not come 5 years, hefei municipal government and high new developed area will arrange 100 million yuan of capital every year, key support moves free industry construction of public service platform, move overflow original creative work to taste the accessorial, award that moves work of free bear the palm to wait. Lake of overgrown with weeds is annual denounce endowment is used 10 million yuan at support to move free enterprise to do do greatly strong.

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