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3 inferior city moves free property base to make announcement of equipment invit

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3 inferior municipal government purchases a center to develop committee to move free property base about industry of city science and technology overflow announcement of invite public bidding of the equipment that make

3 inferior municipal government purchases a center to suffer 3 inferior of committee of development of industry of city science and technology entrust, move free property base with making public the means of invite public bidding to purchase overflow the equipment that make, the supplier that welcomes domestic qualification attends bid:

1, number of invite public bidding: SYSWCG, 2007-22

2, invite public bidding is main content: The 1st packet, system of system of 2 dimension creation, three-dimensional creative work, apply colours to a drawing system, safeguard a system, photograph groom like system, education system, network system; The 2nd packet, animation makes office equipment. (specific details sees mark book)

3, sign up the book that reach mark gives out time: On October 30, 2007 to on November 16, 2007

4, mark book gets a place: 3 inferior municipal government 6 buildings government purchases building of the 2nd office center

5, requirement of qualification signing up: 1, " industrial and commercial business charter " carbon, " duty Wu registers card " carbon (offer credential of near future pay taxes) , the credential of gold of company code card, pay social security, legal person represents Id (or book of accredit of legal person delegate and by certificate of accredit person share) wait for Xerox to build; 2, the relevant certificate that corresponding industry permits.

6, bid end time and time of open sealed tenders:

Bade on November 23, 2007 end, on November 23, 2007 afternoon 3: 00 when whole open sealed tenders.

7, place of open sealed tenders: 3 inferior city a person of extraordinary powers power assembly room of cabinet of charm of sea of kylin big public house (municipal mansion house handles official bussiness on the building)

8, contact: Brief show cloud gentleman

9, contact a phone: 0898, 88272640 0898-88274339

10, network address: Http://WWW.SANYA.GOV.CN

3 inferior municipal government purchases a center

7 years of 00 2 October 30 days

(Anon. / civil)

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