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Zhang Jiangwen changes base of property of originality of science and technology

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Base overview

Industry of originality of culture science and technology is the burgeoning industry that Zhang Jiang develops mainly, zhang Jiangwen changes base of property of originality of science and technology to build locate to was started in August 2004, emphasize change through the enterprise, commercialize run mode to drive base development. Current, the development that the " Shanghai Zhang Jiangwen that by Shanghai Zhang Jiang group combines Shanghai article to sign up for trade group newly to be established jointly changes industry of originality of science and technology to develop limited company " to assume base and construction job, this company regards investment, management, management culture as industrial platform, will become the group of Zhang Jiang of base oneself upon, modern culture industry that faces the world.

The basic strategy fixed position of base of property of originality of Zhangjiang culture science and technology is: The integrated advantage that develops high-tech garden area adequately and " focusing Zhang Jiang " effect, it is a foundation with the market, it is with policy oriented, hold to the development direction of advanced culture, hold to culture and high-tech marriage, main with garden area related the Information Industry move research and development of later period of movie and TV of game of caricature, network, high-tech the design is made and design of product industry model is base to develop content, the key is overflowed with moving and network game line of business is breach, culture science and technology the industry builds originality to have international competition ability, have the high-end property that develops ability continuously, reflect centrally " research and development, groom, hatch, trade, reveal " 5 big functions, build the market that culture communicates and turns trade to foreign language external to run platform with this, strive to become Shanghai to face the world to advance the main base that culture innovates.

End at present, the network culture enterprise of domestic and international heavyweight falls in succession a base, be like American art report (EA) , the game software company such as game of star of royal network, the 9th city, net, CORE, and the film later period such as silicon unreal science and technology, innovation science and technology makes an enterprise wait, emerge in large numbers the originality of culture science and technology that achieves intellectual property formerly in great quantities kind work, the game that is like royal network company " dreamy country " , the game of firm of the 9th city " joy swims on the west " and the animation work of SJS company " super frog soldier " and " little Lin Xiaozi " . Institute of originality of institute of cinematics of branch department of art of design of Shanghai of Chinese academy of fine arts, Shanghai, Shanghai Thespian institute (plan to build) wait for a college into halt, make not only of Zhang Jiang and base produce learn to grind the system is more perfect, also a base of infuse of culture originality element with constant in a steady stream, mix to promote originality of base science and technology the level implementation can develop continuously offerred resource to assure.
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