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Heibei Shijiazhuang is awarded the card moves free industry to develop base for

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News publishs total arrange to awarded card Shijiazhuang to move free industry to develop base for the country recently.

Shijiazhuang city is existing move free produce, learn, grind enterprise and relevant unit more than 2000, covered caricature, insert picture, the press, books, cartoon to make, network game, mobile phone game, move free derive article each domains that wait for pull current to connect, among them, the cartoon that limited company of elegant movie and TV of institute of Shijiazhuang profession technology, Ma makes broadcasts in CCTV, the work of a batch of famous caricaturist, author that insert a picture, publisher for many times bear the palm began abroad copyright commerce. Shijiazhuang city held first international that 200 thousand person attends successfully last year to change free section. It is before long before on exposition of industry of Chinese Shenzhen culture, the autograph makes an appointment with amount to amount to 7 billion yuan, overflow a project to move mostly among them.

Sun Moyong of head of a department of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, propaganda says, shijiazhuang has development to move a lot of advantage that overflows an industry: Brandish of  of violet Ren Qiao climbs Bohai Sea of annulus of? of ┙ of fat of easy  of Pi J  , be located in city of Beijing ferry look forward to to encircle hinterland, start the construction of a batch of great infrastructure such as railroad of Beijing stone high speed in succession, the economic culture connection with Beijing ferry and whole nation is more close, development moves free industry to have abundant talent, intellective support. The 2nd it is low cost advantage. Of Shijiazhuang move overflow the cost that make lower than the big city such as Beijing, ferry, Shanghai, investment will start job before can attracting nonlocal company. They get information of the forward position inside course of study in Beijing, ferry, in Shijiazhuang low cost research and development is made, advance the brand of company of other place of product have the aid of again the market, can realize optimal benefit union. Current, already had many 20 Beijing move free company to be in Shijiazhuang settle. The 3rd it is market dominant position. Shijiazhuang is China north principal commercial port, the large market that has the year's harvest to hand in the forehead to exceed 1 billion yuan 10, south 3, new center of China market trade ascends for years continuously marts of 10 large part trade, regard the whole nation as significant small commodities production and distribution centre, offerred vast space to move free product production and market to develop. The 4th it is humanitarian advantage. Shijiazhuang has solid culture inside information, can is like the historical culture celebrity such as Zhao Tuo, Zhao Yun, Wei Zheng numerous star, the China and foreign countries of become famous of famous places and historical sites such as Zhao city bridge, Long Xingsi, Xi Baipo, these valuable culture resource are right abroad move free course of study to have very big attraction, also give move free creation to bring the inspiration with rich subject matter and constant in a steady stream. The country such as Korea, Japan travelling merchant is thick as hail negotiate business. The 5th it is relevant industry dominant position. At present Shijiazhuang is making base of 5 big industries, among them manufacturing industry of spin dress, Information Industry, equipment is outspread move free industry catenary, development moved the develop produce such as free toy, dress to establish good base. The 6th it is to move free talent advantage. Shijiazhuang has 39 common institution of higher learing, installed mostly move free major, have one socially large quantities of is engaged in that move overflow made company, having close connection with Beijing ferry, there is no lack of to move free talent outstandingly among them. (Anon. / civil)
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