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"Hunan country moves free game industry to revitalize base " settle

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Net dispatch is overflowed in " Hunan country moves free game industry to revitalize base " in Changsha development of estate of new and high technology is held 22 days award card and base foundation stone laying ceremony. So far, the 4th after Hunan becomes afterwards Shanghai, Sichuan, Dalian " the country moves free game industry to revitalize base " .

As we have learned, in the plan and construction " Hunan country moves free game industry to revitalize base " , 1 of overall planning area. 5 square kilometer, by move garden of garden of free game industry, develop produce industry and radiation region composition. Set in all achieve · to publish · scientific research formerly center, former contrive center, transmission is reached contrive content of center, mobile phone makes a center wait for 15 to touch center of free base industry formerly.

According to base relevant controller introduces, strive 2010, base animation, digital media and production value of its develop produce will achieve 10 billion yuan, year sales revenue crosses 100 million yuan move free game and company of develop produce production 20 or so, the cartoon program that has own intellectual property is in home is homebred in moving free market, have lead above of more than 40 % .

Changsha is the main base that China moves free industry. With Changsha new and high area is core, collected cartoon research and development, make, education and medium orgnaization 17, animation atelier 130 many, from personnel of course of study 20 thousand much person, achieve animation to produce an enterprise formerly 7. TV program of manufacturing cartoon animation amounted to many minutes 20 thousand 2005, house whole nation the first, modelled " blue cat " wait to alter free image famously.


(Su Haiping / civil)

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