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"The country moves base of free originality property " settle Qingdao

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On December 5, "The country moves education of qualified personnel of base of free originality property and base of research and development " the ceremony that uncover a card is held in university of Shandong Qingdao science and technology, this base will become the education platform that insular city will move free talent henceforth.

At present game of development of mutual and of all kinds software, network mixes Qingdao city move free enterprise more than 450, whole last year town is moved free, network game and relevant derive article realize sales revenue to make an appointment with 820 million yuan in all, industrial odds ratio is more apparent. Moving free industry is one of industries of 8 old culture that bring into urban key development more. But the personnel that is engaged in moving free industry at present has 16 thousand more than person only, move free talent breach about 50 thousand person, cannot satisfy the demand that moves free career progress.

University of Qingdao science and technology moves free talent education and base of research and development to will use joint-stock company mode, with university of Qingdao science and technology transmission and move free institute to rely on, attract move domestic and internationally overflow the share such as the company that make, investment firm, establish Inc. jointly. The student of old technical secondary school that object of base recruit students basically will face artistic major and relevant major, move free industry to wait from personnel of course of study, opened course basically is editor of animation of movie and TV, caricature, later period, game to make, animation originality writes and direct 5 professional direction. (Anon. / civil)

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