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Korea short film of animation of draw of 2 dimension hand -- " invite "

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The Korea animation short film of style of draw of 2 dimension hand -- " invite " , the director is Jin Chengren, piece grow 50 seconds 9 minutes.

  is in a dummy world, near neighbour of two old people and house. The everybody that lives here can shift to an earlier date one day receive the requisition of a death that sends by elephant emissary. The fat lady in two old people received such announcement above all, she is very easy the ground is repeating everyday the job, its pet Yi appears fretted and disturbed however.

 Mrs  thin saw the dead requisition of fat lady accidentally, two old neighbour spent the mortal day of fat lady calmingly together.

  a form that uses approximate line drawing, optional ground draws the outline of two old people between tacit affection. The single line with these inhomogenous degree of finish, with foiling with the colour paper photograph of decorative pattern, seem a scale cultured illustration, give a person the feeling with pure and fresh quietly elegant.

The rising and falling tweedle in   setting increased for film light sad, an unbroken feelings...

  also theres is no lack of in cartoon of a few bear the palm this kind of content that behaves the world to kiss affection:

  Oscar is optimal 1985 cartoon award winner: The cartoon that luck of strange · of Bao of American animation person directs in him " An Na and shellfish are pulled " , blood is thick between the two sisters that behaved two to had died with the means of memory namely the affection of the brothers at water.

  although " invite " the director of this short did not resemble " An Na and shellfish " in that way, the affection like the person is like the home of the old person that will behave two near neighbour and be resided with relatively specific event, but the depict that he used a few detail, enough communicates this layer close affection. Fat lady finishs all housework, pet lizard resign to after thin madam, leave stealthily.

  time passes, thin madam received her that death announcement eventually, two old neighbour can gather again eventually...

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